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Help? How to enable Live Wallpapers for Kyocera M6000 (Sanyo) Zio?Support

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  1. Mist3r T

    Mist3r T New Member

    I have a Sprint Sanyo Zio and thought the new update to 2.2 was suppose to support live wallpapers but any live wallpaper from the market doesn't work. Sprint tech's have no idea about this feature.. My phone is rooted and I have even downloaded livewallpaperspickers.apk version 2.1 which still doesn't allow me to run livewallapers, when I try I get (process.acore) has stopped unexpectedly. Has anyone got Live Wallpapers to work and can some one walk me through step by step to enable this feature?

  2. timtek

    timtek Member

    Livewallpapers worked for me without any extra installs, but I'm also not rooted. Acore shouldn't be crashing. Maybe do a factory reset and see if that helps? Usually it fixes most problems I have with my zio. good luck.
  3. T POPE

    T POPE New Member

    How do you get the phone to work after the factory reset?

    I have tried all of the posted ways, VOL DOWN / SEND / TRACK BALL / POWER
    nothing but fastboot appears.
    I called Sprint and they said press VOL DOWN / CAMERA / POWER
    nothing but SANYO screen.

    I'm really frustrated and about to throw this ZIO in the river.

  4. tre81

    tre81 New Member

    how do you root the sanyo zio (sprint)

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