HELP!! How To Root My LG Marquee For Boost?

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    Ok So I Read Thru Posts And Threads Beyond. I Haven't Yet Been Able To Successfully Root My Marquee. It Always Says Zerlings Not Successfull Or Something. I Am Not Sure If This Could Be The Problem But When I Plug My Phone To The Computer Via Usb My Computer Does Not Reconize My Phone. I Tried To Download Many Drivers But None Seem To Work. Just Want To Get This Thing Rooted. Please Help! Thank You. Happy Holidays!

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    Have you flashed back to (i think this is the correct one....) zv4??? once you flash back to it there will be files online that you can just download (for PC) that you can then use to root it. It will load up in a command prompt. I'm not sure if superoneclick will work. But i was stuck flashing, there was a certain option on it that said something like LG Phone or LG Smart Phone, the guide i used told me not to switch it, when i switched it to smart phone the flash worked successfully. Good luck!

    P.S Sorry if this comment wasn't too clear. It's late for me :C
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    If he isn't rooted there won't be any flashing. You need to gather the drivers from the root thread (if you can't find it, check out the all things root guide sticky that is ALWAYS at the top of the page) that's the one 90% of the people here rooted

    Then you have to use the kdz update to roll back to zv9. That is most likely why the zerglings won't send because you are trying to root an updated marquee. (they should make a thread for that. Something clever like "root your updated marquee step by step")

    Roll back, root, flash UPDATED stock rom, then flash the rom of your choice.

    My first response was because it's pretty clear you didn't go back and "read through threads" because the first link in the guide under rooting is the thread your looking for. We don't mind to help, but search first. Something like this is pretty easy to find
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    Post something helpful and not condescending.

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    All these shenanigans have ruined a perfectly good thread. :what:
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