Help ! HTC Magic a6161 Not Load A OS !Support

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  1. mo4sa

    mo4sa New Member

    Hi all

    HTC Mobile servant Magic a6161 friends that I have not the top operating system on for this case, the photo of it I give you Picture :


    I,m Need A Program Or Tools for Repair This Mobile !

    Please Help Me to Fix This HTC
    Thanks !:(

  2. mo4sa

    mo4sa New Member

  3. mo4sa

    mo4sa New Member


    Unfortunately, no way on this mobile young does not

    This mobile is not the recovery mode and not Fastboot !

    This mobile is only when the light stays on and this picture does no reaction

    This film was the phone that I will see what is negotiable

    Link Video Size : 1.0 MB

    Is there a way through personal computers to program the phone?

    This help me to thank you in this case

    Servant still waiting for your advice I am glad
    Thank you
  4. Knutfreddy

    Knutfreddy Active Member

    You could try to download a ROM from HTC's website.
    Be sure to choose your own country, or else you'll get completely different languages.

    Hope this helps!
    If not, you could always try to Google it.

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