help i cannot access DL mode on my phone :((General

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  1. angelparts

    angelparts New Member

    this is my 2nd post here hope you guys can help me :(

    my phone got stuck up on samung boot logo,after i re-flash the phone
    i tried to enter download mode by pressing q+power (no luck) when i press E+power phone went to emergeny download mode(wow) so i tried to connect my phone via cable and use odin, and odin detect the phone ..

    my question is can i reflush my phone via odin in emergency download mode only?? is there other way i can access normal download mode..

    sorry noob question guys, im kinda new when it comes to android phone, cuz im a window mobile user ... TIA

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Try to boot into Alt. download mode with USB jig .

    If you cant then the phone is bricked for good .
  3. angelparts

    angelparts New Member

    can jtag revive my phone in case usb jig wont work at all?
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Cant say it can. I had a similar situation when the "generous" folks at samsung bricked my device . Tried to recover it Jtag and it didnt work .
    You can try though

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