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Help! I can't turn the alarm off!Support

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  1. dinky

    dinky New Member

    I Got my new Samsung Galaxy Mini at the weekend and set my alarm for work on Monday morning for 6.30am. Alarm goes off VERY loud!! and I grab the phone but there is no snooze or turn-off button. I tried tapping the screen, then I tried to turn the ringer volume down but it stayed at the same volume. I kept tapping until the phonle locked itself but still it rang, then I went into the alarm app and deleted the alarm, still it rang on and on. I went into settings and put phone on silent...you guessed it..still ringing. Eventually I turned the phone off but I haven't had the nerve to switch it back on again since. It's now been sitting in my bag switched off for more than 8 hours. Please help me! :confused:

  2. iipl

    iipl Member

    Go to Settings > SOUND > Silent mode (No sounds except media and alarms).

    If this is ticked (on), it means alarm will sound even if you make the phone silent.

    Regarding the loud sound even after reducing ringer volume, no idea for this.
  3. shushust

    shushust New Member

    I've experience the same problem today. I found out that the box asking to turn off or to snooze the alarm appeares after it goes off, but if you press something different it disappeares and than it just keep ringing for 10 minutes no matter what you do. Reducing the sound volume for the alarm in Settings helped, but it was clear that the alarm is still going off (silently) as there is a sign of an alarm clock with the exclamatory mark on the top right. And of cource it is really annoying to have to do minimize the volume and than (!!!!) to remember to set it high again. If there is a way to stop the alarm ringing other that that, I'd be very greatfull for the tipp!

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