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help i cracked my screen!!!

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  1. godeyes

    godeyes New Member

    im not sure if im in the right thread but here goes...........I CRACKED MY TABLET SCREEN!!!:(

    my tablet is a coby kyros MID7012 and i dropped the other day like an idiot and now there's a clean crack directly down the middle :mad:. ive been doing research and i found out that the screen itself is not broken but the glass on top is (i think its called the digitizer or something) the tablet works fine lcd shows perfectly but the touch screen part is now completely unresponsive!!!

    now i know what your thinking the coby kyros is a low-end inexpensive tablet just get a new one or get something better and you would be right to think that, and that leads me to my problem........ all of my music and some irreplaceable Photoshop files are on the tablets internal memory!!!! like a fool i deleted all of my music off my computer to make space i figured it would be safe on the tablet until i bought a flash drive but now the screen is unresponsive and stuck on lock mode so i cant access anything!!!!!!!. im willing to fix the crack myself if someone can kindly point me in the direction of a decently priced screen and some instructions on how to install it or better yet some way to remove data off of it without using the screen because ive been having no luck finding either solution......

  2. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Well-Known Member

    Tried connecting it to PC?

    Doesn't it work like a pen drive?
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  3. godeyes

    godeyes New Member

    well it does but when i put in my USB a little screen pops up with the android logo and it says "you have connected your device to your computer via USB.select the button below if you want to copy files between your computer and your androids SD card" which is a b!$<h because my screen is cracked so i cant select the button..........a curse upon the person who decided it would be a good idea to not put a physical select button on the device
  4. godeyes

    godeyes New Member

    and before you ask yes i tried doing it after i removed my SD card still no luck it was a 250 mb card it couldn't hold my music anyhow

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