Help! I did the worst mistake I've done in my life!

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  1. neonhon

    neonhon New Member

    Please help me I have done the worst thing that I have done in my life, was to make my phone the hardest brick of all! I installed ROM Manager and installed Flash Clockworkmod Recovery and picked a wrong phone model and chose "Backup ROM" and it suddenly turned off and cannot be opened and open it to recovery and download mode. Please help me resurrect this brick back to a functioning phone.

    I can't return this phone because it is rooted and it is from Saudi Arabia (I'm from the Philippines) which it was only a gift for me (if this is universal warranty I can give it back for a new one)

    The ONLY way I can fix this is to let it fix for a cellphone technician which we have alot of cellphone technician in the Philippines which I could trust and hope to be fixed.

    But if you guys can suggest a new way to fix my phone alone without the use of recovery and download mode maybe you can reply.

    Please I really, REALLY love my phone.

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Well the only way a samsung tech can know if he gains access to terminal.You have bricked the recovery ,they have no way determining whether a phone is rooted or not rooted.Give it to care centre without any qualms.(If in warranty).

  3. fahim74

    fahim74 Member

    Give it to customer care or flash it using odin if ur download mode is still working. U can get a guide on how to flash in samfrimware.Com

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