Help.. I dont' know how to add apps to colour NookSupport

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  1. crenita

    crenita Well-Known Member

    Now I a have NO interest in even attempting to root the nook.. as I don't have the skill level for that .. So is there a way to add apps to the colour Nook ??
    Nothing do seems to work.. to add anything at all ... I just got this 3 days ago so if it is this limited... should I return it ASAP ??


  2. gateway

    gateway Member

    you can not add apps unless you root. Barnes and Noble will be adding thier own app store early next year.
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  3. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    what he said
  4. mcfierce24

    mcfierce24 Well-Known Member

    Rooting this thing is INCREDIBLY easy, I just did it last night. Took about 5 minutes after downloading the file.

    General Instructions:

    1. download a file
    2. unzip it
    3. write it to a microSD card
    4. insert card into Nook
    5. connect Nook to PC via USB, it will boot from the SD card
    6. let it boot up
    7. disconnect USB, remove SD card.
    8. done

    Don't be scared, find the Nook Color Wiki thing and follow the instructions exatcly, boom - rooted. After that, you'll have the Android Market, GMail and will be able to download apps to the NC.
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  5. crenita

    crenita Well-Known Member

    I took the plunge last Friday... holding my breath the whole time...
    and SUCCESS... I LOVE IT...
    the only hard thing was understanding how to move the files onto the sd card..
    Problem is most smart computer geeks don't get down to elementary level on directions.. assuming.( wrongly) that the masses know even basic stuff like unzipping.... but after watching a video on the process.. I was successful. I am sooooo HAPPY.. love it. :)

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