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  1. stormcloud0217

    stormcloud0217 New Member

    It all started when my Droid 3 restarted out of nowhere. Then the text messages were backed up. It would say I had a message and then say I had never had a message. Then if i restarted it it would show a past message. After that it forced closed a lot of applications and would turn on and off. Also later on a message saying that the UIDs on the system are inconsistent, you need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable...which ends in a forced close loop. I tried factory resetting but aside from deleting pictures that did nothing. Then I put it in safe mode and it was the same minus the app force closes....but then it restarted to go back to the UID message. I've been confused for 4 and a half help?

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    If a factory reset did not solve the issue, it sounds like a hardware problem. I think that you should call for a warranty replacement.
  3. stormcloud0217

    stormcloud0217 New Member

    The only thing is that it didn't delete the apps or anything.....just all of my information. I was thinking that it was a virus but that doesn't make sense. When it started I was texting. Not downloading, and I wasn't web browsing. I keep deleting applications. The thing just restarts and it still has the apps that I deleted. I think it could still be a virus...maybe.
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    The more likely explanation is that the internal storage area /data, where user apps and data are stored, is having issues - a bad storage block, perhaps. Another explanation is that you have apps stored in the "media area" (which is just another name for the internal "SD card", which, of course, is not actually an SD card - just named that way) and that is corrupt. You can look ar apps that are stored in the media area by (from home) going to settings->applications->manage applications, go to the "Media Area" tab, and look for any apps that are checked. If there are apps that are, you can try moving them back to the phone's internal storage (by tapping the check mark and then the "move to phone" button in the next screen that pops up.)

    A factory data reset does delete all of your apps, but when you go through the setup again, you are given a choice to backup and restore apps to your Google account. If you choose that, the phone will restore all of your user apps from the Play Store when you first set up, without any of your user data (except for those apps that store data online, or sync with online sources, like the GMail app.)

    Anyway, if moving apps back to the phone area does not work, I would suspect a hardware problem with the phone's internal storage and ask for a warranty replacement.
  5. plnelson

    plnelson Well-Known Member

    I just had this exact error happen to me this morning. Googling it got me 157,000 hits - so it's a very widespread problem - all makes and models seem to be affected - HTC, Moto, Samsung, Kindle, etc, etc. Most of them seem to be in the last year or so, which makes me suspect it's a Gingerbread problem - my DInc was running 2.34.

    Anyway there's seems to be nothing for it except a factory reset. So this afternoon I did that and restored my contacts and calendar via Of course I would still have to restore all my files, settings, wallpapers, ring-tones, etc. Lots of work, so I figured I'd rather do it on a new phone instead of a 2 year old , so I bought a Samsung Galaxy S III. My flaky HTC will be a backup phone.

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