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  1. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member

    How can i send all the contacts saved into my old BlackBerry into my Gmail account so that my new Android Phone can retrieve them?

    i recently Purchased a Samsung i9000 Galaxy S and i am getting ready to transfer everything to it from my old BlackBerry 8800... how should i do that?

    I have created a New Gmail Account on porpouse for my new Android Phone, since i know that it syncronizes all the Contacts with a Gmail account, BUT now... how to i send all those contacts to the Gmail account from my BlackBerry?

    Thank's for any help

  2. torquey

    torquey Active Member

    Is your data in Outlook or BB Desktop?
  3. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member

    Neither... is just in my Blackberry for now, but i can import it into my COmputer, but what format?
  4. mrsbelpit

    mrsbelpit Well-Known Member

  5. torquey

    torquey Active Member

    I guess if it's not Outlook, I'm not sure, so here it is for Outlook:

    1. In outlook, File > import and export > export to a file > Comma Separated Values (DOS) > Pick a file name.

    2. Login to gmail > Contacts > more actions pulldown > Import > Choose File you just made.

    3. Here's the best part: if your phone is already sync'ed to your google account, your contacts will populate automatically. I did 1 and 2, then picked up my phone with a, "Now, how do I get this onto my phone? Oh, it's already there."

    The process is virtually identical for the calendar.
  6. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    Download Google sync to your bb then sync to your Google account.
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  7. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member


    It's in the BB market
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  8. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member

    AWESOME, it Worked Just Perfectly!!!

  9. Bnice

    Bnice Guest


    Your welcome. Glad to help better the Android experience.

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