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    Apr 20, 2012
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    So here's the sitch. I can no longer use my phone at work. I have a t mobile sidekick 4g. The issue started Monday. I've never gotten 4g at work, but I would get a a signal so I could text and use apps like iheartradio. But as of Monday, the second I walk into the building my signal drops to almost nothing and after about an hour I get nothing, and it says that it is searching for a signal. And then as soon as I go outside the signal jumps back to 4g, but the weird part is I'll still have issues with sending texts and phone calls for about an hour. Even though my signal is at 4 bars. I have tried reseting my phone back to factory, that did work. I tried the app fresh network too and it doesn't help. Can someone please help me? This is super weird and frustrating, any help or advice is welcome.

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    Moved to the appropriate forum for better help and support from other users using your phone....

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