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HELP! I Updated to 2.3.6 without prior Root.

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  1. Want to root my phone.
    :eek: Am I stuck with a stock phone?
    If so, I am so selling this brick!
    It is no good to me with stock OS.
    I've always jailbroke my iPhones. So naturally I've become accustomed to customizing my phones.
    (yes, I searched for the answer)
    I am a noob ONLY to android.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Sent from my Galaxy Note

  2. shavermcspud

    shavermcspud Member

  3. Yes, I did search. Nothing on 2.3.6.
    I guess I'm thinking as if this was Apples iOS platform (they have jailbreaks for Exact firmwares), not Android.
    Gotta be safe. You understand. Still learning.
    I'm gonna go root this Beast now!:D
  4. shavermcspud

    shavermcspud Member

    I am also from the Apple camp of iPhones.
    I managed mine just fine, it was the first post in the Galaxy note section.
  5. @ Shavermcspud
    These replies give me a little more confidence when I set down to root my phone.

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