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  1. scottd706

    scottd706 New Member

    I bought a new Samson note 2 version 4.1.1 and have been using it without a card. I have downloaded quite a few apps and downloaded a big mess from my computer "all media" it went everywhere except where it is supposed to go. I have just installed a 32 gig card and found the mess that i had created. everything went to my sdcard0 in 41 different folders. I want to clear out all of the files i down loaded. except i want to keep all of my contacts and all of the apps that i down loaded and configured. if I delete everything on my sdcard0 will i be ok? If that works then how do i configure my settings to have everything go to the extSdcard when i download it from my computer correctly this time, if that is the way it should be configured?

  2. Trainelu

    Trainelu Member

    Option 1: Don't delete anything. Try installing Sandisk Memory Zone. This will scan your internal memory and show you all the media you have there. By clicking on a file you have the option to move it to the ext SDCard. Don't move the files you don't recognize.
    Option 2: Backup everything and do a reset to factory settings.
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  3. scottd706

    scottd706 New Member

    How do you do a factory reset?
  4. Trainelu

    Trainelu Member

    1: Settings > Back up and reset > Factory data reset.
    2: With phone off press Volume up, Home, Power at the same time, release power button when GT N7100 appears on your screen, then when the "green man" appears release the other buttons. Volume up and down scrolls through the menu and Power button select it.

    Caution: you will loose all the data on your phone.
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