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Help! Insane battery drain!Support

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  1. Taem

    Taem Member

    My STOCK Samsung Galaxy S3 (says 4G LTE on the back) updated a few weeks ago and ever since, my battery has been draining at an exceptionally fast rate! My System Info says I have Android Version 4.1.1 which, according to Google shows up as Jellybean.

    Since the update, my battery drains approximately 1% every ten minutes when idle. If the phone is at 100% at 11pm and I take if off the charger and check it in the morning at 6am when my alarm goes off, it is in the 50% range or lower! This is with the phone doing nothing - idle!

    I've been reading all over the net about people having this issue with Jellybean! Are there any easy remedies for this problem, other than resetting the phone back to stock and updating again? And does that even solve the problem in all cases? I didn't get a warranty with my carrier, so am hesitant to root my phone because that voids my manufactures warranty, but if this keeps up, I don't see any other options!

    Thanks for any replies ahead of time!

  2. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    That doesn't sound good. I know there were issues with 4.1 which were addressed in 4.2.1.

    Have you checked whether 4.1 has turned on a bunch of things that weren't on before? For example, I think my phone came with Location Access turned on - that seems to be a bit of power hog.

    You probably need to go through all the battery saving routines:

    - drop the power widget on a home screen and use it turn off the following when you're not using them:

    Sync (I never have this on)

    Also, reduce the screen brightness (or use Automatic)

    - check all apps that sync and either turn automatic sync'ing off or reduce the frequency - these will include things like:


    - reduce the timeout before the screen switches off automatically (probably less of an issue with the S3)

    You should probably also take a look at the battery usage under Settings - it has some great information and might point you at something I've missed.
  3. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    I have the same issue, I disabled all the unwanted apps from the application manager and witched the mobile network to only gsm as the 3g connection near my place is bad. Yours is probably stuck on LTE, switch to 3g or 2g.

    This improved my battery life by a little, now it seems like the android system and OS is using same amount of battery as my screen and battery use by cell stand by is even greater. Can someone help with this? I have followed the usual disabling the app screen brightness and all that goes with it.
  4. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    Any one?
  5. Taem

    Taem Member

    I tried disabling all of those things and it helped a lot (I think it was either wifi or GPS or both sucking the life out of the phone), but it still drains faster than it used to. Here's an example: if my phone was at 100% earlier in the day and I hadn't used it all day long, when I check it in the evening, it will be below 80% when all it did was sit idle all day long. And like I said, I've been reading up on this issue and I'm having the same trouble as others where it takes twice as long for my phone to fully charge! I think I'll just do a factory reset tonight and get the update again... that should solve my problem. I read it was because some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE's were sent with an improperly placed period from a 0.3 to a 3.0 on how often it checks for services such as wifi connections, gps location, etc. Not sure why I'm still having a bit of trouble since turning all that stuff off, but hey, nothing a factory reset can't solve!
  6. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    I tried a factory reset, it helped a little bit but not by much.

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