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  1. itragrut

    itragrut Member

    Hi All
    New phone, new problems, new forum.
    I have done a search but couldn't find an answer so hope someone can help.

    My htc sensation came with the 8GB storage card and , in spite of only being semi-it literate, all seemed well.

    As I could well stretch 8gb within a few months I opted to buy and insert a 32GB Kingston card and have obviously got out of my comfort/knowledge zone.

    The 8GB card synchronised some of my computers I-tunes files no problem.

    Not knowing how to go from there I:-
    a)created a folder on my computer,
    b)linked the htc storage card to the computer as a disk by USB and copied the 8GB card files to the computer folder,
    c)dismounted the 8GB card, inserted the 32GB card and usb connected up to the computer - the htc detailed the 32GB storage,
    d)tried to copy the contents of the computers 8GB files to the 32GB card - first few files copied across ok then the whole thing seemed to become too much for it and I eventually closed the action,
    e)I then tried a synchronisation of one of my computers I-tunes playlists to the htc - this failed - the synch did not recognise the storage card and it dismounted the card within the htc.
    f) I put the 8GB card back and it works as it did - so it appears no harm there.

    Not sure where to go now and dont want to make matters worse -
    1)do I delete all files on the 32GB or reformat(if so how) it?
    2)do I retry the synch giving the phone a different name to the one it had with the 8GB card?
    3)all advice/suggestions welcomed



  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    If you put the 32gb card in the phone does the phone recognize it or does it give an error or just not see that you have an sd card installed? You can reformat the card from the phone.

    Can i ask where you got the card from? I hope it wasnt ebay. If so you probably got a fake card and thats why it wont let you transfer anything to the card. Most 32gb microsd cards on ebay are really 2-8gb reformatted to look like 32gb but once you reach the true capacity of the card it gives an error message and can corrupt anythinf on the card. Many people have lost pics and other info this way.
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  3. itragrut

    itragrut Member

    Yes I got it from e-bay - full Kingston packaging with adapter and when first put into the htc the SD& phone storage app indicated total and available spaces of around the 30GB mark(didn't note the exact capacities).

    How do I reformat from the phone? and if it comes to that do I just format to FAT32 without putting any files on it?

    If it is a fake is there any superficial way of alerting buyers to fakes - I am sure I wont be the last to be taken in (if I have been:()

    Thanks for the help

  4. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    I think if you do menu-settings-sd & phone storage -unmount the card then the option to format the card comes up.

    Was it a seller from the US? Have you tried contacting te seller about this card? If the seller isn't cooperative I would file a claim with PayPal. My brother bought a card off eBay and thought cause it came with the retail packaging it had to be a real card I believe it was a 16gb card. Well once he tried adding anything over 2gb the card would error out. Finally the last time it errored he lost all his pics then reformatted the card and once that was done the size of the card in the phone read as being close to 2gb not 16gb like it said when he first put it in the phone.

    Not sure how much you paid for the card but most I have seen from legit sites cost at least $65. I picked up a few from a forum member here at a good price.

    There was a thread somewhere that I found that showed a couple different cards and pointed out the differences in the font size and placement of the logos between the real and fakes. I think you might be able to Google it too just in case I can't find the link I'm looking for. I think I googled difference between real and fake SD cards. It will come up with many links for different brands and discussions including pics.
  5. itragrut

    itragrut Member

    I bought from a UK e-bayer - cost
  6. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    Do you have a camera or something else you can stick the card in to try its storage capacity? If you have a camera just stick it in there and start taking pics try to take up atleast 2gb of space

    Maybe you just got a defective card it does happen from time to time.
  7. itragrut

    itragrut Member

    Thanks for your help and apologies for my inability to differentiate between mb and GB - I've edited my previous posts.

    I managed to locate a Kingston card reader today and loaded the 32GB card(it read it at circa 30GB) and then copied 2.6GB of I-Tunes music to the card - didn't seem to be any problem. Then I accessed the music files on the card to find that the last half a dozen or so albums had created folders but had not copied the music files across.

    It looks as if the 32GB card would only actually accept circa 2GB of files(although it appeared to have the extra folders) - FAULTY or FAKE card?

    In either case I will now take the issue up with the seller and e-bay.

    Once again thanks for your help and I would appreciate any other comments/advice.


  8. itragrut

    itragrut Member

    E-bay seller replacing from new stock when it arrives and said he would check the card before sending so, sounds as if it could all work out.

    Thanks again
  9. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    Hope it works out for you. Glad the seller was cooperative and didn't ignore you.
  10. itragrut

    itragrut Member


    The replacement was also duff - but the e-bay seller said he had had others returned and he refunded my purchase price.

    I subsequently managed to dig up a number of forum threads on fake MicroSD cards and came to the conclusion that probably the majority of cheap 16GB and 32GB cards on e-bay are rejigged 2GB cards that appear to register the full size but won't take more than 2Gb of data.

    So I have now gone for a more expensive(but still well priced) 16GB offer from one of the major on-line retailers. And am crossing my fingers.

    One tip I would suggest is - get a card with an adapter included - its much easier to check problems.

    Hope this helps!


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