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  1. DjSidEShoW

    DjSidEShoW Well-Known Member

    Is The Avid MHL Compatible? I Haven't been able to find an updated list on phones that are compatible. (It probably isn't but one can hope)

    For you's people who don't know what this is, let me explain;

    you buy an attachment that plugs into the micro usb "charging Port" on your phone, one end plugs into the wall to keep the phone charged, and at the other end of the wire there is an HDMI plug for your HD T.V.

    I've searched, found lists, but their old lists. If all else fails i will contact ZTE customer service when i get my phone in about a week and a half.

    thanks in advance for any info,

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  2. DjSidEShoW

    DjSidEShoW Well-Known Member

    Thanx, they need to start putting this option on more "lower end" phones.

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