[Help] I've lost my secondary language on physical keyboard

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  1. Muhammad Adel

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    Dec 11, 2011
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    Hi all, please anyone help me with
    that issue ..

    Firstly I'm sorry if it's not the
    right place for this thread
    I have a Samsung i5510 ( Galaxy
    551), Rooted, with a stock Arabic
    2.2 firmware ..

    After I've downloaded an
    alternative virtual keyboard from
    the play store, it seems a good
    choise .. so I went ahead to Root
    explorer to delete the stock
    virtual keyboard, I deleted the
    two files " AxT9IME.apk " and "
    AxT9IME.odex " ( after reading
    it's ok to delete it if I have an
    alternative )

    Now I don't have the stock one
    and that's fine .. the problem is
    with the physical keyboard, I can't
    switch the language to Arabic, it's
    now in english only, Arabic ( the
    secondary language ) hade gone ..
    the swiching button on the
    keyboard just does nothing now

    I'm not talking about forcing a
    rom to type in Arabic, because it
    does indeed ( before this problem
    ofcourse )
    I'm talking about what these two
    files have done to the physical
    keyboard, I can't use it for arabic
    now ( but I can use the virtual
    alternative for that )

    I've tried downloading the two "
    AxT9IME " and forcing them to
    system/app, but it doesn't help

    Please help, I'm tired searching,
    thank you.

  2. DaisFlaque

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    Jan 20, 2012
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    It is a rooted phone I see, I can put this in the rooted section for you.... done.

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