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Help Jelly Bean ROM

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  1. BennyBeignet

    BennyBeignet Member

    Hi i'm new to this forum so sorry if it's not the appropriate category but i really need help. I downloaded the jellybean rom in ClockWork Mod ROM Manager and i installed it. Everything semmed ok but the booting time for the ROM seems infinite. I tried to boot in ClockWork Recovery to remove the cash and retry but there was only the android icon with a red exclamation mark. I really have no idea what to do. I cant go in recovery mod and my phone wont finish booting. PLease help me, I will be very thankfull.

    PS: My data usage is stopped because I almost reached the limit. I dont know if the ROM needs to download softwares to work and wont boot because they aren't downloaded.

    Solved: I accesed the stock recovery mode and cleared the cash and it worked just fine.

  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Hi Benny!

    Welcome to the forums!

    Can you please let us know what phone you are using? Then hopefully one of us can assist you.

    Thanks! I'll see you around Benny. :)
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  3. BennyBeignet

    BennyBeignet Member

    I'm using the Galaxy Nexus.
  4. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

  5. BennyBeignet

    BennyBeignet Member

    Rogers, in canada.
  6. asdf12321

    asdf12321 Member

    OK, although I'm a newb, I'll help you as best as I can, as I've been on your situation:
    Here is what happened: For whatever reason, your ROM didn't flashed right and you are stuck in a boot loop. You need to flash a stock rom to recover your phone and try again. But the installation of CWM didn't stuck. That is because whenever you flash a recovery, your phone in its wisdom restores the stock unless you do a step that involves renaming some files first.
    Note: Although some users take a stand against toolbox because they (rightly so) believe one should learn first to do things manually, I believe there is no shame in using one, especially if you like me are the nervous type that can't concentrate or follow instructions when your precious phone is out of commission.
    Here is what to do: Toolboxes for the Gnex will let you boot to CWM temporarily, ie without flashing. If you did a nandroid backup you can then restore it and it'll be like nothing happened. If not, use the option provided by the toolbox to flash a stock ICS factory image. Once that's done, you can try flashing your JB ROM again.
    Hope tihs makes makes sense. I'm at your service if you have questions.
  7. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Benny are you able to boot normally? Can you reflash Clockwork Mod Recovery?
    Sometimes it doesn't stick on the first try. Do you have a backup you can possible recover?
  8. BennyBeignet

    BennyBeignet Member

    Thanks for all your answers but I managed to fix it myself. I accesed the stock recovery mode and cleared the cash and it worked just fine.

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