HELP! just noticed my phone used 2GB of tatherring, i have never even used it !!Support

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  1. Mikesss

    Mikesss New Member

    Hello everyone, please help
    i have Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T, i have received a text that i exceeded my mobile data limit even though i don't even use it at all. most of the time i use home wifi. anyway, i checked my data usage and i noticed that "Tathering and HotSpot" have been using my data !! in this month only it used 2GBs.
    the problem is i have never even used it !! i checked my settings and its on "OFF"
    whats going on here? i don't understand
    please help !!!!

  2. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Guy Guide

    I would be calling AT&T,And let them know that you don't use it and haven't used it.And also that you have it off on your phone.

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