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  1. TheX

    TheX New Member

    i hawe got serious problem whit launchers on my mobile phone Samsung galaxy mini (GT-S5570).
    After downloading launcher from market and installing everything looks normal until i press home screen button. After i press it the phone get restarted and freeze on start up screen whith logo Samsung.
    Anyone can help me whith this ??

  2. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Which Launcher? Try clearing defaults on the native launcher first (settings/apps/manage/XXXlauncher-clear defaults), then when you hit the home button, it should ask you which Launcher you want as default.
  3. TheX

    TheX New Member

    i try all launchers .. go launcher ex , adw launcher, launcher pro every time the same thing :/ any idias what to do ?

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