HELP!! LG G3 stuck in fastboot mode

  1. olehetl

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    Hi Please help!!

    last night it seems that my phone pushed an ota update. my phone is in fastboot mode. i cant get out of it.
    I have tried rebooting. i have tried the command fastboot reboot, and it just boot into fastboot mode again. i tried to follow this to get out of it, but no luck. but then it ended up in download mode, witch i cant get into normaly by holding the power up an blig it in.

    im hoping to flash stock softweare, but my pc cant recon my phone. i have tried to install dthe drivers and reboot alot of times, but no luck

    please help, realy would hate to loose my lg g3!!

    sorry for poor english

    Im a newb and are real dumb when it comes to this, so please describe any solution like you would describe it to an idiot. Thanks

    here are my pgone screenshot:
    Cant find my phone in ports so cant change the port to com41 so i can flash stock

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    That is concerning since the partitions were for an Optimus V. Then main question right now is can you still get back to fastboot mode or is your phone constantly showing the "download mode" screen?

    That is not actually download mode by the way, so it won't be recognized by a PC. It's a sort of no man's land unfortunately. Your only hope right now is if you can get back to fastboot mode in which case you can flash the correct partitions and restore the real, working download mode.
  3. olehetl

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    Jepp i saw that later after I did it. But i gotntierd of trying, s
  4. olehetl

    olehetl Member

    Thanks for trying to help anyway :)
  5. olehetl

    olehetl Member

    Indelivered it back to manufacturer and the had to change the main card and also installbthe software. Did not find out about root<br/>

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