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  1. tired

    tired New Member

    Hello , ive locked myself outve my Xperia 8 Its asking me to answer a security question but ive forgotten the answer any suggestions

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Hi and welcome to Android Forums!

    I think your only option may be a factory reset, I'm afraid. I'd like to be wrong though.
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  3. tired

    tired New Member

    How Do I Do That ??
  4. lokesh534

    lokesh534 Well-Known Member

    Popular answer
    Okay, I think I've found the answer, everyone:

    I had my Xperia X10 lock on me due to too many pattern attempts, and I was pulling out my hair for the better part of a day entering every possible combination of passwords, id's, removing the SIM card, SD Card, battery, connecting to USB, Updating the Phone, you name it....

    Basically, none of the many, many tips given by people on the Forums worked. That is, until I tried to change the settings in the phone, during the half-second window of time after ending an incoming call (Despite the pattern lock, the phone will still accept calls.)

    I had to call the phone well over a dozen times to finally change the setting, because in that half-second, you only have time for one, maybe two screen taps (if at all). However, the good thing is that the phone stays on the Settings screen it was last on, so step by step, I would call the phone, hang up, select the next screen, then repeat the whole process until I was finally on the screen to deactivate the pattern lock feature. Here's the appropriate screens to sift through, if you aren't familiar with the Phone Settings:

    Settings/ Security/ Require Pattern...

    After selecting 'Require Pattern' comes the hard part, and you are asked to enter in the Pattern again. Remember, you have only half-a-second to enter it, so make sure your hand aren't sweaty (as mine were, out of frustration) or else your fingers will drag on the touch screen and make entering the pattern quickly very difficult.

    After REPEATED tries, eventually I was fast enough, and the phone opened up and everything was just like it was.


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    **copy paste from google mobile help forum** ;)
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  5. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    You can run a reset/repair via Sony Ericsson Update Service. This will wipe your phone.

    I personally stay well clear of pattern locks... there are far too many threads on here where people have locked themselves out and its a pain in the rear to put right.
  6. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

    In the ass you mean? :p

    Anyway,just use the same again and again and you ll do it automatically at some point!
    I use a relatively easy one,but still its hard to figure out!
    Another way is to use Lock 2.0 s PIN feature!
  7. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

  8. halex

    halex New Member

    On my XperiaX10, you wouldn't have to make a call. You could just tap "Emergency Call", wait a second or two, and quickly press back and it'd bring you to the last screen you were on... but it still lasts for only half a second... :\ I don't know if this works on other Xperias, though.:eek:

    I hope this helps resolve future situations faster.

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