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Help ! Looking for Sprint Android users to beta-test Sprint coverage map

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  1. sensorly

    sensorly New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 22, 2010
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    Hi, Sensorly is building free crowdsourced coverage maps. We've got GSM & WiFi nailed but the coverage we're getting from CDMA Sprint phones is weird and we want to debug it.
    Because of our strict privacy policy, we don't have any of our users' email addresses and thus can't contact them directly.

    So if you're interested in this service, are a Sprint customer and want to help us make the Sprint map available to all for free, please :
    • install the application (search for "sensorly" in the market),
    • go the bottom of the settings page to find your random phone identifier
    • and send an email that includes that identifier to "contact (AT) sensorly (DOT) com"
    I'll make you a beta testers and you'll get access to our Sprint map so that you can compare the mapped data to the actual signal level reported by your phone.



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