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  1. landair

    landair New Member

    So, I just turned on my phone this morning, downloaded a new app, and then--the next thing I know-- hundreds of my contacts are gone. I had my contacts in groups & now all the groups were gone as well. I checked my text messages-- the phone numbers were still all there, but the names were not.

    The majority of my contacts were saved only to my phone, not to gmail. (I know, that was really stupid of me.)

    And, I hadn

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Which app had you downloaded? Were your contacts saved to your SIM? You may be SOL on this one. Not sure what would have caused it. Even if you don't use Gmail, it's always a good idea too keep your contacts saved with them, especially when you move to a new phone. :)
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  3. vladyandrew

    vladyandrew Member

    i don't think so ...
  4. landair

    landair New Member

    I downloaded Song Pop. I didn't think that would cause my phone contacts to go haywire...

    I had saved my contacts to my phone & then joined them with their corresponding facebook contacts. I don't think they saved to SIM, not sure... How can i check that? I tried importing contacts from the card, but it said no vCard found...

    I will definitely back my contacts up & save to gmail starting now!

    Thanks :)

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