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Help! Low on space?Support

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  1. nbanut

    nbanut New Member

    Why am I getting the message:


    Phone storage is getting low

    I just got it on 10/22 and it comes with a 1 GB Expandable SD Card... Am I missing something here?

  2. porquepine

    porquepine Well-Known Member

    Ok, I am not sure what the Android Operating system takes for space, but I am going to assume that you have loaded a few things here and there already? 1GB is really not all that when it comes to Micro SD anymore. I am purchasing 16GB.
  3. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    I'm betting its not the SD card thats low on space, but the internal memory.

    go to Menu>Settings>SD card & Phone Storage

    Under the internal phone storage section what does it say for avalable space?

    if its a low number less then 5-10Mbs try removing some of the apps you've downloaded.

    If thats not the case and its your SD card that full, well, unfill it... ;)
  4. cevatt

    cevatt Member

    you may not even need to remove apps. if you have done a lot of browsing you could have a pretty large cache already. in the browser hit the menu key then go to More then scroll all the way down to Settings. then about halfway down you can delete cache, history, etc.

    btw if you ever want to see which apps are using the most data you can go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications then it will give you a list of your apps and the space they are using. you can then hit the menu key to sort by size. clicking on the apps will give you the option to uninstall or delete saved data within the app to free up space.
  5. snydez

    snydez Member

    thanks for the info
  6. zohan777

    zohan777 Member

    I have an HTC incredible and a ton of free memory (579MB to be exact) but still getting this low space message.

    I've cleared the browser cache and I've also removed some apps but the error is still there and I can't download any new apps.


    Any help would be most appreciated!
  7. MacBryce

    MacBryce New Member

    The best solution would probably be to root the device so you can get apps2sd and move your apps to your external storage (SD card). I haven't rooted my phone, but there are plenty of guides on the net.
  8. Kj9067

    Kj9067 New Member

    Not sure if your problem its exactly like mine but I know when I get the same notification it tells me to go to the mail...and that's as far as I can see it says, however just recently when I tap the notification it takes me directly to the mail app, the one by htc that came installed, and all I do is clear the data then force stop and it works every time,alternately u can go to settings> applications> manage applications> and select the mail app and clear the data from there. sort of a hassle and I don't see why they would make it like this but maybe this helps
  9. kf4usq

    kf4usq New Member

    one thing to try is clearing out your text messages this has worked for me in the past. also deleting apps you aren't using too.
  10. roban

    roban Member

    Mine was caused by services running that I really didn't need. settings/applications/running services
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  11. cdf3

    cdf3 Well-Known Member

    Rooting will not cure the problem. I'm rooted and have apps moved to the sdcard, and I still get the error message from time to time.
  12. Pavlyuchenko

    Pavlyuchenko Member

    I'm getting this error. I have a 4 gb SD card but most of the app's won't give me the option to move them to it! How stupid is that. It is definitely down to the internal memory being used up, happens each time I download an app.
  13. AlexNC

    AlexNC Well-Known Member

    Thanks, that worked for me (for now). I have an Incredible too and get the same low on space message from time to time.
  14. Dewde

    Dewde New Member

    I have an HTC Incredible, but here is what worked for me.

    Go to:

    Settings -> applications -> manage applications -> all

    Click: menu -> sort by size

    This shows the memory hogs! Now go into the top application and do the following...

    Click: Data -> Move to SD card

    (or you can clear the data if you want)

    The notification then removed itself from my tray. All better. Netflix was doing this to me. Repeat steps for other apps as needed.

  15. craigj00

    craigj00 New Member

    Factory reset corrected the problem. It's a pain to reinstall all your apps, however it was a more painful that my phone was not syncing due to the low storage error.
  16. GGreenberg

    GGreenberg New Member

    OK, to summarize:
    - The error has NOTHING to do with the SD card's size or % full

    - When you see it, you will soon (?already?) lose your phone's synching calendar and contact information

    - The steps you need to take :

    • empty the browser's cache (command in 'internet' app)
    • the apps that might still allow you to move then to SD card (look inside settings, apps, manage apps, all, then need to open each app to see if 'move to card' isn't gray'd out)
    • empty the native mail client messages (look inside settings, apps, manage apps, all)
    • empty text msgs (look inside settings, apps, manage apps, all)
    • empty voice mail messages (look inside settings, apps, manage apps, all)
    - More drastically, I've found it useful to delete all information in contacts (look inside settings, apps, manage apps, all) and then immediately go to Accounts and re-synch from the cloud/Google data to regain a clean copy
    - Then, you might want to reset your phone (using the power button)

    However, now that I'm in Android 2.3, all these are still not enough.

    The post above to blank the phone and reinstall everything is TOO painful (as if the dance I describe above wasn't enough!)... but I suspect it'll work (but only until the next time whatever this is is full, again).

    Surely there's a data-management BUG in the OS causing this. When I open the memory assessment tools, I see that I have 500Mb free memory, and only 200Mb used, so the whole premise that there's inadequate memory is a lie.

    Anybody have additional places to look for space?
  17. largevee

    largevee New Member

    I am equally convinced of this.

    Phone storage indicates I have 177 MB used and 571 MB free. I get a storage warning at 175MB and full at 200MB

    I have cleared browsing and mail cache/data and moved all apps to SD Card that phone allows me to move.

    The SD & Phone storage screen, under settings, displays the following.
    SD - Total space = 1.84GB - Available = 834 MB
    Internal Storage - Total space = 6.60 GB - Available = 5.36 GB
    Phone Memory - Total space = 748 MB - Available = 571 MB

    This problem only started with an update to Android 2.3.4 from, I believe, 2.2 on an HTC Incredible

    Any option other than factory reset?
  18. spc427

    spc427 New Member

    I have a droid incredible, and I have had this error message "Low on Space" pop up a time or two. I tried most of the suggestions on this thread and was still having no luck. Then I went into Settings, Application, Manage Applications, and clicked on the Facebook App. I cleared the data and immediately the logo went away and I was able to use my phone normally.
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  19. kaczor

    kaczor New Member

    I had same problem with my apollo 3 (gt-i5800). After download and install you should... "confirm" this, the app will start and then downloaded source is removed - or somethnig like this.
    Last day i downloaded few different roms, and i have this problem (on vivek's rom). I made SD card as default place for installation (adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2) and then get about 80 apps from appbrain.
    Free place in phone was vanishing (?), app was installing on SD, App2SD shows few apps on phone and many on SD card, no one of above ideas working...

    I made factory reset, install few apps, tap in info 'app is installed' and same time control free space on phone and SD card. As i saw, the free space shows correctly after installation and tap 'installed' info. Strange. And stupid.
  20. polypagan

    polypagan New Member

    I have the same problem (I'm an app hog!).

    On my phone, which is not rooted, I can move some, not all apps to the SD card.

    I can do it with Home>Menu>Applications>Manage Applications <click on app to move>, choose Move to SDcard.

    Easier to use Android Assistant's Tools menu with SDcard mover.

    My phone seems very inconsistent about when (at what storage level) it complains. But then, it's inconsistent about a lot of things...

    'Droid 2.2.2
  21. saminbama

    saminbama Active Member

    I agree it has nothing to do with your SD card. I agree, it only started after update from previous version of Android to 2.3.4. Epic 4G.

  22. Lisa M

    Lisa M New Member

    This worked for me! Thanks
  23. straubtm

    straubtm New Member

    I too started to receive the problem on my HTC Droid Incredible only after the upgrade to 2.3.4, and deleting Facebook data as noted above worked for me.

  24. AlexNC

    AlexNC Well-Known Member

    FYI -

    I finally got sick of all the force closes and low space issues that came with the stock ROM. I installed Cyanogen 7.1 and everything runs great now. I have been running it for a couple months now, and will never go back. Not only does it fix a lot of the HTC bugs, but it also adds a boat load of features (and gets rid of all the bloatware!!!). Highly recommended for anyone running a HTC Incredible.
  25. daradv

    daradv New Member

    Doing this (clearing facebook data) worked for me too. I just had to re-login to facebook and everything was fine. Things started syncing again too. I think it's probably a bug because it started happening right after the new software update of 2.3.4 and like the others I clearly was not low on "internal memory" space. The SD card doesn't have anything to do with it. DON'T do a factory reset, that would waste your time.

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