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Help me! Bricked vibrant from kies miniSupport

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  1. snoopylover

    snoopylover New Member

    Alright, So today I went to update my Vibrant to Froyo using Kies Mini (I didn't get around to it till now haha) Anyway, let me make it clear I AM ON A MAC NOT A PC just so you all know. So my laptop charger came unplugged in the middle of the upgrade... and my laptop died. Then my phone screen was kind of a magenta color.... so I unplugged my phone from the laptop and it was still magenta. Then, I took the battery out and put it back in. Now, my phone just has a picture on the screen with a little cell phone, and two dots, an arrow in a triangle, two more dots, and then a cartoon picture of a computer. PLEASE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO?

  2. snoopylover

    snoopylover New Member

    *exclamation point in a triangle. sorry
  3. sbryan1129

    sbryan1129 Active Member

    you have to odin back to stock but to find one on mac might be hard dont know if impossible you might want to use a friends pc

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