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  1. mattshtc

    mattshtc New Member

    i cant connect my aria to pc
    windows vista

    keeps saying not properly installed, missing ABD i think it says.
    i follow steps to try to fix but still wont install.
    driving me fkn crazy, i hust want to copy my sd card to pc then copy to bogger sd card for phone.

    please help me!!!!

  2. Droidized

    Droidized Well-Known Member


    Could you detail what happens when you attach your Aria to the PC via the USB cable?

    Does your Aria ask you what to do? Check the upper notifications tab for a USB symbol. Drag it down and select Mount.

    Have you checked Settings / Connect to PC on your Aria? It is self explanitory when you look at it. Perhaps you need to adjust it for what you want?

    I don't think you need ADB drivers for simply accessing / mounting your SD card.

    Alternately, though more time consuming, you could remove the SD card from the phone and use an external card reader for your PC.

    Good luck.

  3. erwaso

    erwaso Well-Known Member

    usually mine recognizes the aria as an extrnal drive. make sure you choose that option in your Aria before you connect it to your PC.

    Settings>Connect to pc >default connection type> disk drive

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