Root help me choose a rom?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by winchendonsprings, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. I am going to try to make this simple and easy to answer.

    I am looking to root my eris.

    1. I was running a leaked 2.1 and I received the july OTA update yesterday. This means I can now root, correct? The July update was an official full operating system update, right? If the answer is no, than disregard the rest of this.

    2. The main reasons I want root are speed and the ability to uninstall and strip down the extra crap I don't need.
    I'll want to uninstall -
    -Mail, I'll keep gmail app. I don't need 2 apps of the same.
    -Peep, footprints, quickoffice, stocks, teeter, etc.
    -I definitely don't need Sense.
    So if the ROM I choose has these by default I can strip them out correct?

    3. I don't need a fancy ROM to start with something simple and stable. Is the plain vanilla ROM for me?

    4. Recommendations or anything I should know? I am a linux user and relatively comfortable doing terminal work.

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    No, it is not a full os, but you can still root, I was on leak 3 as well. But follow these instructions: [WORKING] ROOT for all Eris' - xda-developers

    after that you can play with different roms, if you want stock like, but with all the benefits of root then go with this [ROM] Eris_Official 1.0 Alpha With Controllable Overclocking! [5/9/2010] - xda-developers The only thing that I would wish worked was app2sd, but its not a big loss, I've tried a few different ones but came back to this one.
  3. thanks for the quick answer and links.

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