Help me G-1 users !Support

  1. andybaek558

    andybaek558 Member

    I bought G-1 yesterday morning.

    and I have difficulty to use G-1.

    -I cannot use IM (MSN) it says "It has been blocked on this account. please modify your message blocking settings to use this service.
    (but I don't know how can i do )

    - I cannot use email except for G-mail.

    -and why there are two same mobile numbers when i try to send sms ?

    Do i have to wait for OTA to use 3G service?

    I mean this cell phone is attractive, but internet speed or service
    make me crazy.

    How do you guys thing about G-1 ?

  2. FlyerG

    FlyerG Active Member

    Hope this helps.
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