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  1. muede

    muede New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I work three jobs with varying schedules. Sometimes I have to get up very early, and sometimes I need to sleep in until the afternoon. I'm sick of my phone waking me up or not waking me up because I can't get the right combination of apps.

    I enter all of my schedules into Google Calendar. Right now I have several smart actions for the phone to silence at specific times, and when I'm busy on the calendar (i.e., when I'm at work). I use Calendar Snooze as my wake-up alarm and I have to manually set notifications for every calendar event every day, so that I'll wake up at the right time. That's getting old fast. So is waking up at 3 am because I got a junk email. But if I do something that silences notifications, it also silences Calendar Snooze, and then I don't have an alarm and don't wake up!

    I've tried so many things and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for me. Here's what I want my phone to do, ideally:

    - silence my ringtone and text messages during certain times (sleeping time) - except for important people (work numbers)
    (If there's a way to set it to silent until a specific time before a calendar event, for example an hour before, [unless there are no events scheduled for that day, in that case, have it turn on at a specific time] that's even better)

    - have phone calls and text messages vibrate and silent during work times. Bonus: have a more "urgent" vibrate pattern for specific important numbers (like if another job calls when I'm working somewhere else). Super bonus: if it vibrated a "reminder vibrate" for those calls after a certain amount of time of not checking them.

    - have reminder notifications and sounds of missed calls from important people (work) when there's not an event on the calendar (when I'm not at work)

    - have email notifications vibrate but silenced always (including when I'm at work), unless it's during sleep time (or a specific time before a calendar event), when I want them silenced and not vibrate

    - have my phone automatically set an alarm to wake me up a certain amount of time before a calendar event (excluding all day events) and to remind/notify me again 25 minutes before the event so I know when I need to leave my house to get to work on time

    - have a snooze feature for the calendar-based alarm

    Know of anything? Help please. I would totally pay for an app that had these features!! Thank you.

  2. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    You might try something like Tasker or Setting Profiles (both on the market ... eh, Play Store.) Tasker has a pretty steep learning curve, but is very flexible. Setting Profiles is easy to use, but I'm not sure it will get as intricate as you want. It may, I may be wrong. I personally use Setting Profiles and it does all I want it to do, but my schedule is a little less complicated than yours.

    Good Luck,
  3. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Well-Known Member

    I think Tasker will probably meet most (if not all) of your requirements.
    I use it to silence calls and notifications except those from favourite contacts overnight and to switch to vibrate mode during meetings automatically (triggered by calendar events). I've seen a lot of discussion around shift patterns on the Tasker Google Group as well.

    Have a search through!forum/tasker and try the trial version out (7 day trial from the developer's website).

    *EDIT* sorry for the mobile link but you get the idea.

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