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help me get started (flash to CM ICS)

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  1. skidawgz

    skidawgz Member

    I would like to back up text messages and any other data that can save me time after modded OS install.

    My phone is factory .905, so I would like to make an image of its current state if possible. Then, install some sort of ICS (thinking CM if available for Bionic) but open to other suggestions.

    After install of ICS I want to restore my data and freeze VZW crap.

    Theres a lot of info out there to digest so if someone can give me a few pointers I'm sure I can get rooted / modded from there.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    to root 5.9.905 you need to use motofail which you can get here.

    as far as backing up text, freezing and backing up apps I would use rom tool box pro. rom tool box pro

    to make a back up of your system you would need to install bootstrap recovery app and install bootstarp recovery. Boot into recovery and create a backup. bootstrap

    as with any of this information make sure you understand what root is and the damage you can do if you screw something up.

    And when you screw something up because we all do, know this thread http://androidforums.com/bionic-all-things-root/480176-how-flash-5-9-902-5-9-905-rsdlite.html because it can save you.
  3. skidawgz

    skidawgz Member

    Thanks for the help! Any suggestion on very smooth ROMS to try?

    We have actually owned all the same devices, I have rooted/modded my OG Droid before with no issues, I know I am taking a risk but thanks for warning. However, that was why I got into Android.
  4. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    If you stay on 5.9.905 I would go with eclipse 3.0. As far as pics rooms go I have not tried any because I have been very happy with he leak 6.7.232.

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