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help me get started with my esteemSupport

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  1. flutterbye

    flutterbye Member

    i've had this used, rooted esteem for a little over a week.. i need some help sussing out the setup, as i didn't get much info from previous owner. this much i know - it has ldk-ick and adw launcher installed but no help files. i.ve used adw to apply my own settings, but don't know anything about ldk-ick. I've installed a number of apps without problem. my only hurdle so far has been that the system font, although beautiful, is causing eye strain. this makes it difficult to research a fix! i've found a few font variations in the system/fonts directory, but no ui to access & apply them.
    I'm afraid of experimenting with font changing apps until someone has helped me identify any caveats i should be aware of.
    soooo.... my questions are:
    1.) how do i quickly & safely get a legible font installed?
    2.) how do i get started revolting the installation of ldk-ick?
    thanks in advance
    ~ f

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  2. flutterbye

    flutterbye Member

    forgot to mention that superuser is installed also.

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  3. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

  4. flutterbye

    flutterbye Member

    thanks. i'm not quite ready to go that route yet. i feel i should learn a little about this one before i go replacing it.. does anyone know if I'll have a problem with typefresh?

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  5. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Typefresh? Never heard of it. But you can download a font changer in the market and change the font to a more suitable one that wont cause eye strain.

    LD-ICK is a theme.. That is that it changes the look of the UI. Think of it as remodeling your room. :3
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  6. flutterbye

    flutterbye Member

    it's just a theme! ah! i thought it was the rom! yikes.

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  7. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Well a theme involves flashing it via recovery menu, but its simple just find it and select it. That's about it. A rom is also easy as it does the while wipe thing for you, but you can hold that off until you feel comfortable with the whole flashing a rom/theme.
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