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  1. sry4badbeat

    sry4badbeat Member

    1 issue vm samsung intercept usb not recognized troubleshoot.. i have downloaded the drivers still it says not recognized no usb icon shows up and
    i did have it working but know it wont work for nothing!!!!
    2 issue I get this message the process has stopped unexpectedly and force close no other choice have try to stop sync
    and have cleared cache still it keeps happening !!!!!

    thank you all for any help !!!!!


    GAMESHARQ Well-Known Member

    I don't know the answer to #1 or #2, but for Pandora Radio, I believe you can download the Pandora app for free from the market. Then just pair and connect your bluetooth headset to your phone to listen to it through the headphones.
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  3. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    1- have you turned usb debugging off? menu > settings > applications > development
    You say that sync worked in the past but not anymore. What did you change since then?
    2- Usually, clearing the data in Google apps will fix this, most commonly Gmail and Gtalk. menu > settings > applications select gmail and clear data, do the same for googletalk if installed. If this doesn't fix things, go through any other google apps installed and clear their data too. Most likely, it's Gmail that's the culprit.
    3- already answered

    Don't be sad, it's just a phone!

    Happy holidays.
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  4. sry4badbeat

    sry4badbeat Member

    just pair and connect your bluetooth headset to your phone
    i have done that and can make calls !!! but i need something that can push all audio to the samsung wep490 any help would be great and thank you for getting back to me!!!
  5. sry4badbeat

    sry4badbeat Member

    turned usb debugging off yes and than i get same cant recognized usb
    clearing the data in Google apps will fix this, most commonly Gmail and Gtalk
    i have cleared both and all data but still doing it grrrrrrr
    but thank you for getting back to me i am usually good at stuff like this... Happy holidays alll
  6. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    With multiple problems and because you say that usb sync worked before, you may want to consider a hard reset. Somethings messed up, and often it's easier to clean everything out than to find that particular piece of crud.
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  7. kevinkrg6

    kevinkrg6 Member

  8. sry4badbeat

    sry4badbeat Member

    my first issue was fixed i really dont know what i did how ever i did try my usb cord from
    my mifi vm i plugged in the cord and it worked low and behold i was happy
    so thank you all on to issue 2
  9. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    The driver is for Tethering (not allowed under the VM agreement) or for Syncing Contacts / Calendar between the Phone and Outlook or Thunderbird or some other Email program running on a PC.

    You do not need to install a driver for your phone to be recognized in Windows to just push files back and forth to the microSD card as if it was a flash drive.

    If your phone isn't being recognized when connecting the USB cable, try this: remove the USB cable from the PC, shut your PC down and remove sources of power from the motherboard. If a laptop, then this means removing the battery too. Wait a few minutes...

    Reinstall the battery (if a laptop) and source of AC power. Power the machine back on. Log in to Windows. Wait a minute.

    Now, reconnect the cable. Were you successful with the phone being recognized by Windows? If so, pull the notification bar down and mount the card so Windows will assign it a drive letter.

    Always always use the Disconnect HW icon on the PC when removing the phone from the computer connection.

    Now, if that didn't work, go into device manager, and for each USB Root Hub, disable Power Management. Go back and repeat the above steps.

    Also - you can use FTP to move files between the PC and Phone. Download SwiFTP server from the Market for the phone, and a program like FileZilla client for the PC and use WiFi to move files.

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