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  1. willyv4pres

    willyv4pres Member

    So with ICS being 95% unavailable, I feel like it is time to squeeze the max out of my beloved phone. I want to root, but am a little skeptical/nervous. I don't know where to begin (besides being here) and which rom to pick. I just want what every thunderbolt owner wants: get rid of the bloatware, a better battery, faster speeds, and a more effective UI. I already have an extended battery, but yes I am greedy :) I also saw on HTCdev where you could use the BOOTLOADER, which sounds cool if I knew what they were getting at/what it is. Someone tell me step by step like telling a child, so I can start the process of improving my phone. Appreciate the help!

  2. willyv4pres

    willyv4pres Member

    update. well I rooted my phone, then I used rom manager to look at different roms to try out. I picked one out that looked simple enough, but now it reboots every minute or so. I need to get rid of this rom and go back to simply a rooted phone, without a rom... for now. Once I get there, I can download a different and proper rom. PLEASE HELP
  3. willyv4pres

    willyv4pres Member

    update. Now my thunderbolt will not get past the thunderbolt loading screen. If someone could point me in the right direction????
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    do not use rom manager. it is unreliable,and it is an APP in a working ROM,and as youve discovered,as such will not always be available to you.

    if you have any PG05IMG files on your sd card,youll need to get a card reader,put the sd in your pc and remove it. then:

    -remove the phone battery for a few seconds,repalce it.
    -hold vol down,then power,and hold both until the hboot screen apears(white with colored writing)
    -after some green writing flashes and disapears,select recvoery with the vol rocker and power button. this should take you to clockwork recovery
    -wipe cache and dalvik cache(found under the advnced menu) and see if your phone will then boot

    if it wont boot,then repeat the above process. this time,wipe cache,wipe dalvik cache,and wipe data/factory reset.

    now you can either:
    1)restore a backup
    2)flash a new rom(you can mount usb storage from recovery,or you can use your card reader to get a rom onto the sd card)

    for a rom,id highly suggest j rockers rooted stock rom listed a couple posts down to get you back to a working phone. afterward,yuo can search on xda or rootzwiki for roms youd like to try out.

    flash them manually,using recovery. always make a backup of a good working rom in case you need it,or in case you simply dont like the new one.

    Thunderbolt Android Development - xda-developers

    Thunderbolt Development - RootzWiki
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  5. willyv4pres

    willyv4pres Member

    I finally got the phone back to a working state, but this is after I went to Verizon and requested a new one. They complied, and are sending the Rezound as compensation for my troubles :) they are asking however, that I send back the Thunderbolt. Does this mean I can send it as is? Or do I need to uninstall the ROM and unroot it first?
  6. defTwitch

    defTwitch Well-Known Member

    wait what :p... you just got a rezound outta that!

    I have bestbuy insurance not verizon... I'm sure they have plenty of old T-Bolts for me to use if I was to go in there and request a replacement (or maybe not)...

    to your question... I have always put things back to "stock" before sending back but I doubt they really check that closely. I would most certainly wipe off any personal info/photos etc. you have though.
  7. willyv4pres

    willyv4pres Member

    To be honest I didn't even bicker that much. They had some trouble ordering a replacement so they were looking at comparable phones, the lady musta thought i was cute, so she gave me quite the upgrade :) and not to rub it in, but I get the rezound (the beats that come with it) and also an extended battery (since I have one right now) Sounds like a good trade right?

    I wiped everything, but the question still remains if it matters or not to Verizon. I'm not that technically inclined, and would like to stay away from as much as possible. If i have to unroot I will, just so long as I get to keep the rezound for free. (I am worried they will rescend their generous offer if they find it rooted) make sense? suggestions??
  8. recDNA

    recDNA Well-Known Member

  9. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    so let me understand this correctly:
    -you rooted your phone
    -you effed it up by flashing roms without the proper knowledge
    -you then couldnt wait to get the information to fix it,and took it to verizon claiming it wouldnt boot.
    -vzw is sending you a rezound,and since you siad it was free,i assume its not an insurance claim.

  10. willyv4pres

    willyv4pres Member

    ... spot on. An overview of my previous two days:

    1) rooted my phone
    2) had some slip ups on the so called "rom" i thought i was getting
    3) complained to verizon
    4) received a complimentary upgrade to rezound
    5) unrooted and made my thunderbolt stock again... ready to be shipped back :)

    #luckiest man alive?
  11. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

  12. willyv4pres

    willyv4pres Member

    How else could you explain 3-5? lol. My stupidity earned a upgrade. That my friend seems pretty lucky to me.
  13. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Perhaps the OP forgot that when he decided to root that he assumed the responsibility for any consequences that occurred as a result of his root-related actions.

    Asking your carrier to replace your device because of actions that you knowingly took costs them money which is ultimately passed-on to their other customers.

    Lucky for you, not lucky for everyone else.

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