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  1. satria dharma

    satria dharma New Member

    MY CAMERA WHY???my galaxy y version is gingerbeard 2.3.6
    my camera is yellow effect,,i dont know what going on

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  2. Backup your all data first with any backup application coz it will delete ur all data in phone memory [search in Play Store].
    Dial *2767*3855# . Phone will restart and first boot will take 10 minutes.
  3. satria dharma

    satria dharma New Member

    are you sure???if i press the code,,the firmware reset and delete all my memory internal.if i do it,,will my camera normal again???
    youhave experience sir?
  4. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    the point is ,
    if there is some thing that is bothering the system due to user installed apps, factory reset may solve the problem ...
    but if the problem was from the first day of the device,
    you probably have a hardware issue :rolleyes:
    and you will surel get ur handset replaced from samsung :)
  5. satria dharma

    satria dharma New Member

    at the first day i bought,, i opened the camera and testing 2-3 menit it's okay
    and 1 week next i opened the camera,,it was yellow thing..

    i have testing factory reset,,it was back to new buy,,the camera okay,,
    but tomorrow it back yellow again,,

    factory reset and hard reset same????
  6. Heyyy.. m sure.. it just a defection of an application.. like I have installed "Chainfire 3D" on my rooted galaxy Y and then my screen becomes all rough n dat was super annoying!!!
    U need a firmware reset. but backup all ur important data first..
    so lets get started.. Switch off ur phone> Boot into Recovery Mode [press volume up+down+home buttons all together]> Now touch is disabled here. use volume up/down keys for scrolling & home button to select> select "Wipe data/reset"> select "Yes-Delete all users"> wait few seconds> select "Wipe Cache"> select "Yes-Wipe Cache".. >wait> select "reboot system now"..
    Now phone will restart..
    First boot may take upto 10 minutes so b patient..
    if it if not works then goto dialler and dial *2767*3855# to reset ur whole android system n firmware!! :))

    for any help u can sms me or call me on +918418063050 !! :)
  7. or it can be a software bug or a virus.. just follow my above steps!:)
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  8. satria dharma

    satria dharma New Member

    i have doit,,but no changed..
    my camera still error like the picture in the top
  9. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Well-Known Member

    wiping or deleting user accounts in the recovery and doing a hard reset in the dialer by "*2767*3855#" will give u just the same effect..
  10. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Well-Known Member

    i believe the problem is on the hardware...

    but just try this two things before bringing ur phone to the samsung service center.

    1. try installing a third party camera application in the google play.. ex. pudding camera, fx camere, camera fun, fast burst camera etch.

    2. flash galaxy y stock rom via odin.. u can find the needed files and guide in the xda developers page or any other website.

    if still the problem exist... SAMSUNG SERVICE CENTER will be ur next stop. ^_^
  11. sgymeyourgod

    sgymeyourgod New Member

    I formatted my fone and sd card already but nothing happens? WHAT TO DO?
  12. sgymeyourgod

    sgymeyourgod New Member

    Have you fix your camera problem? I have the same issues. please reply.
  13. huytq_at

    huytq_at New Member

    I have the same issues :(
    Place help me!
  14. akhazhu

    akhazhu Member

    try reset factory

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