help me please please please: cyanogen, fresh rom and sd ext errors

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    May 6, 2011
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    I rooted my Hero without a glitch, but I fracked something up along the way. Here are the gory details:

    I installed Fresh rom because then I wouldn't have get rid of certain things in the whole Sense suite. But of course I realized too late that wouldn't fix my being able to install onto the sd card.

    So I found out via forums that I needed to partition the sd card in order to save apps to it, which I did. Something went wrong because I was unable to do any such thing.

    So I decided well, whatever, I'll install Cyanogen, which I've done before without a hitch.

    But ridiculously, everything is great, until the point where it boots in recovery mode and tries to install. It seems to install, reboots, and reloads Fresh rom everytime. Not only that, but it gets rid of rom manager and astro. It drives me nuts.

    So I looked that issue up and found that I need to delete the ext partition on the sd card. It gives me an error everytime, and aborts.

    So I figured I'd just replace the sd card. Still same problems. Can't figure it out.

    Ultimately, all I want is to get rid of fresh rom. I'm so sick of seeing the once-beloved android doing the moonwalk.

    Help please?

  2. daveybaby

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    Sep 21, 2009
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    Is fresh rom for the sprint/cdma hero? If so, youre in the wrong forum, you'll get more useful advice from the people in this one.
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    Thread moved to the All Things Root section of the Sprint Hero forum.

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