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  1. AngrySquid

    AngrySquid New Member

    First, I do not have Facebook on my phone. I deleted it almost as soon as I got the phone. I do not have a Facebook account under Settings->Accounts and Sync. However, I have Facebook contacts in my messages contact list and not my regular phone list. I have no option to remove them, even manually. How can I get rid of them? As far as I can tell, I have no options to even sync with Facebook in anyway on my phone.

  2. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    hi there you can filter what the places you see contacts from, i dont know how your seeing contact without a face book account mind.

    do the following

    go to menu > people > press the menu button and select view
    in here you can check/uncheck where you see contacts from, uncheck facebook, and facebook for htc, and that should solve your prob
  3. AngrySquid

    AngrySquid New Member

    I have read the suggestion to go to menu->People, but I don't have that in my app menu, never have had it, so that is not an option.
  4. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    you dont have people?, its not an app it is your contacts list so it must be there somewhere for you to even see the contacts you are talking about, all the sensations have it.

    you can even delete contacts in there by long pressing, and choosing delete.
  5. AngrySquid

    AngrySquid New Member

    Sorry, I'm new to Android and HTC Sense. Here's the thing, if I select my phone, the contact list shows up with everyone, including my facebook contacts that I do not want. If I go to menu>people that list does not show the facebook contacts. From there if I hit menu> View, I have no option to uncheck facebook or facebook for HTC

    If I go directly into message, the facebook contacts show up in my contact list. I have only three options of adding contact, View selected contacts and show email when I go into menu. Also, in both phone and messages contact lists I can't delete them with the long press in either of the contact lists.
  6. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    right, now i hardly a "pro" my self but i think i may be able to sort it for you then.....pain in the arse though,

    i just followed my own "advice" from above unchecking facebook so they do not appear in the contacts list or as in your problem the phone list....

    but it still was there,

    So i think this is because the contact are still linked, so even though you are only having the settings so it shows just phone cantacts the ones that are linked still appear.

    so try this ( id just try it on one contact first incase it does not work for you then you are not wasting your time.

    goto menu>people>menu>more>linked contacts.

    now here it will show contacts that are linked to facebook accounts, go to one you know appears in your phone list and "break all the links that link to face book with the little button next to it.

    Now when you go to your contacts/phone list you should only see the persons number, or they will not be there at all if they are purely a facebook contact.

    I have just tried this on my phone now and has worked, so i hope it does for you.

    if it does work then im afraid you have the pleasure of having to do this for every contact....i personally do not know of a way to mass unlink contacts, maybe someone else on here does.

    good luck
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  7. AngrySquid

    AngrySquid New Member

    That worked for some of them, but not all. Its strange, some of the facebook contacts showed up in the Linked Contacts, but many were left out. I even saw a couple in the Linked Contacts that were not part of my contacts list. So now I have to figure out how to remove the rest. Hope I don't have something wrong with my software.
  8. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    sorry i have no idea how to remove the rest, a pain in the arse but have you ever thought of starting from scratch with you contacts.

    if you do menu>settings>applications>running apps> find people in there and click it the clear data.

    when you open people again it will ask you what contacts you want to import only select phone and see if that works for you.

    i would back up your contacts list before you do this though


    i do not hink you have a problem with your software specifically, looking round the interweb for help in your problem i found quite alot of people with the same issue ( with no work around ) so i think its just the way it is stupidly made.
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  9. misslynch

    misslynch New Member

    Hi i have the problem cant get rid of facebook phone numbers also the battery goes very quick does anyone else have this issue
  10. did you root your phone?try other customer rom

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