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  1. cnnmngrl

    cnnmngrl Member

    Please help me to conserve my phone's terrible battery life!
    How do I set my phone to low battery usage without limiting my connectivity? Basically, I would like my Gmail to come through all the time and to not have to put any internet setting to 'On' before using the Broswer or Market.
    Also, I don't think that I am managing to close my applications properly. I just press the 'back' button to get out of them, is this making my phone use more battery?
    Thanks guys :(

  2. cnnmngrl

    cnnmngrl Member

    Just want to add that I am using Advaced Task Killer, however when I ask it to kill running apps, still certain apps appear when I hold in the middle button. Does this mean they are still running and if so how can I stop the infernal things?
  3. pa3xxiah

    pa3xxiah Member

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