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  1. KJP1990

    KJP1990 New Member

    Hello everyone, i am new here but i have had this phone since October. I have enjoyed it so far but i was wondering if there was a way to speed the phone up. In reading some other things on here i have gotten rid of the task manager that the sprint guy put on there and nothing has really changed in regards to that. That being said the phone is still slow to load texts and what not. Sometimes the slide menu at the top takes forever to respond and when i text someone it will take a long time for the screen to load the message, let me type, send it and then it will lag when i go to close the screen. Anything that you can offer to help with this is appreciated :cool:

  2. Odinos

    Odinos Well-Known Member

    disable all fancy effects like live wallpapers and kill all running apps constantly.

    other than this.. the only solution is to buy a new phone with some decent calculating power
  3. KJP1990

    KJP1990 New Member

    I dont use live wall papers and I always use the back button to back out of apps rather than a task killer. I have read that task killers eventually hurt the phone. I dont want to buy a new phone I simply want to speed this one up :).
  4. one80oneday

    one80oneday Well-Known Member

    Development is quite slow for this phone which is surprising to me since it is so popular with VM and also carried by Sprint. I think it's slow because most people on VM have never had a smartphone before or development experience. There also seems to be more development for the Sprint Intercept, probably since it's similar to the Samsung Moment. So far I've been able to root and get live wallpapers to work but anything else I try (Deodex, Custom Kernels, ROMS, JIT, etc...) just makes the phone unusable or simply won't boot.

    My advise would be to use a task killer only for apps you know you're not using or going to use for awhile (games, navigation, music apps, etc...) and try not to install too many apps.
  5. KJP1990

    KJP1990 New Member

    So, your suggesting to reinstall the task killer? And if so which one I had advanced task killer and the only thing it seemed to do was kill things that were running it didnt really speed the phone up. I usually just end tasks by backing out of them and they stop running.
  6. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    I ran ATK for the first month I had my phone and it really didn't make a difference either way. What did seem to help was ADW Launcher. A lot less lockups/slowdowns that way, IMO. You're right that the text app could be better. A lot of folks run a 3rd party app for that, like handchop, or whatever it's called.

    I also find that the irritation from the occasional slowdown is greatly lessened by having a wallpaper you don't mind looking at. Ever play King of Fighters?

    (I keep my wallpaper setting static in ADW so it doesn't move when I change screens)

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  7. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    I haven't really had much issue with customizing my wife's intercept. I tend not to run ROM but we have squealjoy's kernel and I use root explorer to remove the sprint apps stuff. We use Launcher Pro Plus. It works fairly well. She does get a slow down occasionally. I plan on getting her apps2sd working next and then maybe that will free up some phone memory to let in run better.

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