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  1. mhere

    mhere Member

    Hi all

    My X10 Timescape Widget stop update!!!! after I click on timescape app and refresh it, there is some new information updated on the timescape app, but it not update to the timescape widget on the homescreen, i have to restart the phone in order to update the timescape information on the widget on the home screen. please help me to fix this problem..@!!!!!!


  2. JPBrowne

    JPBrowne Active Member

    I have had this happen to me too.
    This appears to happen if you kill timescape with an task killer. As the desktop tile is "live" and running the app, killing the task will stop this from working. Restarting timescape soes not fix the desktop tile.
    To fix this don't kill timescape in your task killer, and the desktop tile should upate properly for you.
    You may get the same problem with other live widgets like "The weather channel" and the like. Killing the task stops the desktop widget from functioning properly and it often requires a reboot to get them working again.

    hope this helps.
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