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  1. rmondie

    rmondie New Member

    please can somebody help me
    i have this one :
    Android 2.1 1GHz 10" inch tablet pc

    10.2 inch tablet pc
    ZT-180-102 hardware collocate&capability
    processor ZT-180
    processor frequency -1GMHz
    memory -DDR 256MB
    build in-NandFlash 2GB

    i want to sell it but i can nog get my google account out of my tablet it said that i have to do it bij privacy-back to factory settings but that doesn.t work.
    i am no computer expert so hope somebody can help me :mad:

  2. rmondie

    rmondie New Member

    i also can not remove my youtube login please somebody help
  3. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    I already answered you over on Slatedroid... Zenithink did Not implement the 'restore to Factory Settings' in this tablet Until the experimental 1126 firmware some of us are testing... thus the only safe way to restore to factory settings is to use the burntool from a windows 32 bit OS to burn a complete firmware update (1030/1101) to overwrite all your personal data cusrrently on the tablet.

    You have already been directed many times to the wiki with instructions on how to flash so I won't bother again here...
  4. rmondie

    rmondie New Member

  5. shwood

    shwood New Member

    I am having the same problem. I am new at this so I need specific instructions. You say "use the burntool from a windows 32 bit OS to burn a complete firmware update" but I don't know how to do this. Can you give me simple step by step instructions, please? I would truly appreciate your help.
  6. shwood

    shwood New Member

    I found the video and instructions on the Zenithink website. I don't have an OTG USB cable, and it says that I need this to perform the reset. Where can I buy one? Thanks so much for your help.
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  7. droidboyd

    droidboyd New Member

    ROM version 1030 was superceded by version 1111, as per the note at zenithink. us/ blog/ zenithink-zt-180/upgrading-to-1030-firmware-on-zenithink-zt-180/
    (I'm sorry for adding space characters to the URL, as a noob here I can't post a link.)

    Unfortunately, the powers that be at / .com have messed up the links so that neither version 1030 nor 1111 is get into a click loop that never comes to a genuine download link.

    There are ROMs at Zenithink.COM for Android 2.2, but they haven't worked on the ePad.

    Does anyone have a copy of either ROM version? I've got a 10" ePad with Android 2.1 that cannot be returned to factory settings.

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