Help me to root maximus max 901

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  1. sunny624

    sunny624 Member

    Hello guys, i have recently bought a maximus max 901 android phone. As its internal memory is very low, i can't download and use many apps and games. so i have to root it. but the phone is new in market, so i didn't find any rooting process of this device. here are many android experts, so if u know how to root this device then plz help me!!!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Not only is the phone new to market, but it's also of unknown Chinese manufacture, which doesn't help when trying to find rooting information. You could try a couple of the universal rooting tools like, SuperOneClick.

    AFAICT Maximus is a Bangladeshi importer of budget Chinese phones.
  3. sunny624

    sunny624 Member

    Brand: alps
    CPU hardware: MT6575
    CPU model: ARMV7 Processor (VFPv3, NEON)
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  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Pretty sure this phone is of unknown Chinese manufacture. MTK6575 refers to the Mediatek CPU/SoC that many Chinese phones use. Alps is a brand that's used by several Shenzhen and HK trading companies, for all sorts of products, and is nothing to do with Alps Electric from Japan.

    Is there anything in the Kernel version or Software version? Not holding up much hope though.
  5. sunny624

    sunny624 Member

    Kernel: linux version version 4.4.3(GCC))#1 PREEMPT Fri Sep 28 17:01:01 ST 2012

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