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Help me turn on hotspot with broken LCDSupport

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  1. maxm

    maxm New Member

    I am stuck in rural northern ca with out home phone, internet or cable. I broke the screen on my Thunderbolt. It was my only link to the outside world and I was using hotspot to connect to the internet, before it broke. It was slow with poor reception, but it was SOMETHING!
    All the touch screen buttons on the phone work, i just can't see where they are cause it is all black, although the screen back light does come on. I was hoping someone would be nice enough to post two pictures for me.

    1) The drag down menu that shows recent apps. It has a settings and notification tab at the bottom, i think. The tab at the bottom on the right is a short cut to turn on wireless, gps, bluetooth and hotspot. I need to make sure i am pressing the right part of the screen to access this.

    2) I need a picture of the wireless, gps, bluetooth and hotspot list so i can try to press the right place to turn on the hotspot.

    If anyone could post a couple pictures of the process to turn on hotspot I would be HUGELY grateful. I have tried over and over with no luck. Some sort of reference would be nice, like a pencil or ruler, paperclip, ANYTHING, really.

    Save me from a slow death of BOREDOM!

  2. Sun Ra

    Sun Ra New Member

  3. Sun Ra

    Sun Ra New Member

  4. maxm

    maxm New Member

    I certainly thought it was odd no one could help! Thank you so much! I tried youtube once before but gingerbread was the missing search link! This will go a long way, thanks again!

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