Help me with internal storage space

  1. mach101

    mach101 Well-Known Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Gio (rooted), its internal storage is 180 MB and there are now less than 20 MB left.
    I have tried to move apps to SD but there are still 9 apps left where 2 of them are the one I have installed and the rest are the original ones that came with Android.

    These are the apps that are currently on phone according to App2sd:
    1. Maps 9.99 Mb
    2. Accuweather 9.74 Mb
    3. Google play store 6.08 Mb
    4. Samsung apps 5.29 Mb
    5. Youtube 3.84 Mb
    6. Gmail 3.09 Mb
    7. Google search 1.19 Mb
    8. Super user 1.22 Mb
    9. Samsung Apps 212 Kb

    According to the file size I see from app2sd there are 40.65 MB. It should give plenty of space but I am not sure what is filling in the space. I checked the shop where I bought it and there is 30 MB filled up, and 150 MB is free. So I guess the 30 MB could be for the Android system inclusive most of apps I mentioned above.

    I sometimes receive a message before downloading an app that I need to remove some apps before it can download it, even the app size is very small.

    Can you help me clearing the space.

    Thanks in advance

  2. mach101

    mach101 Well-Known Member

    no suggestions?? I the only one who has this problem??
  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    You could probably factory reset and see how much free space you have after that. Factory reset will clear out everything. If you're rooted and flashed a ROM, you probably didn't wipe everything out before flashing and some extra apps are taking space in the ROM, but not showing up so you can't delete them.

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