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  1. bookiejbabii

    bookiejbabii New Member

    This phone is BRAND new, not even a WEEK old since i've gotten it, which is why i'm crying my eyes out. :-(

    I was changing my wallpaper ((As i always do to match my phone case)), but after trying to change it this particular time, my phone freezes, and when i touch "home screen" it goes completely BLANK, BLACK, NADA NOTHING showing. :-(

    I took the battery out, restarted my phone numerous times. The Huawei screen pops up ((Good)), and then the Cricket screen ((Great)), but when it's time for the lock screen to come up next meaning it's powered on properly, it DOESN'T show....just a black screen after the Cricket screen goes away.

    I'm still recieving text messages, because the green light is flashing, and it still makes the sound. But i cant see a thing!

    Someone, PLEASE HELP ME!!! This phone is BRAND NEW!!! And if i take it up to Cricket for them to fix it, its going to cost me an 85.00 deductible and thats WITH insurance on my phone.......

    HELP!!! :-(

  2. most

    most New Member

    try factory reset
  3. Magic Man

    Magic Man New Member

    If the phone is brand new, then it's under warranty. So you shouldn't have to pay anything to have them check it, fix it, and/or replace it.
  4. icysteve

    icysteve New Member

    Ok thats it then my ascend does the same. was just going to buy the ascend II. BUT not after hearing this.
    Curious. did you ever get it fixed and if so what was the problem?
  5. danprints

    danprints Member

    my ascend 2 phone wont even turn on, and i had it for 3 months, took it too cricket same thing $85 deductable, im thinking dont they have like a inhouse tech to fix stuff.

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