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Help, memory problems, LG e400Support

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  1. vikingstu

    vikingstu New Member

    I need help before i pull all my hair out, (oops to late):rolleyes:

    I have an lg e400 that i palmed on to missus, but it keeps running out of system memory. The phone has as far as i can work out 260ishmb of system memory, 360ish of ram, 1gb of internal storage and 8gb of external memory.

    Is there a way to use the internal memory as system/ram? as the current memory is a bit shite:(.

    I have rooted the phone so far, i used sdk manager to change the default save loc( which let me move as a couple of apps to sd card)

    Thank for any help

    p.s any ideas of any good mods for this phone:D

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  2. rucksak

    rucksak Active Member

  3. qasa321

    qasa321 New Member

    Ive just bought my lg e400 and wen i go on a youtube video there is always a black screen can any one help me? Please?
  4. rucksak

    rucksak Active Member

    See if flash needs updating in the market.

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