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  1. gosuclay

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    Okay, so, i bought this phone off of a friend (it's legit and clean ESN and not stolen), It's been through the washing machine, but wasn't turned on immediately after it happened. He thought it was broken, so he sold it to me. The battery was ruined so I got a replacement. When i turn the phone on i get the error message "Modem did not power up / Starting RSD Protocol Support" and stays like that indefinitely.

    I can cold boot linux with BP bypass, (holding down volume and selecting the option from the list) phone works flawlessly in this setting, but has no service at all.

    why would the phone work fine in this setting, but freeze on normal start up?

    Is there any hope for the phone or should I sell it for parts? (I'd really like to save it because it's better than my OG DroidX)

    thanks in advance.

  2. gosuclay

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  3. gosuclay

    gosuclay New Member


    i need to know whether i can sell it as a parts phone or if there's a way to fix it
  4. gosuclay

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