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  1. mahlers

    mahlers New Member

    I updated to a new phone, a htc hero S, so far pretty cool. I want to move all my music from my OLD 30gig Zune player so I can just use the phone for everything (pandora rocks btw). I have gotten no where with cx service websites and just bounced around when trying to call help lines. anyone have a some helpfull hints?

  2. jasonjackson

    jasonjackson Member

    Do you use itunes? I assume not since you said zune. If you do, though, use the app DoubleTwist for Mac and Windows. If you don't use iTunes, do the fallowing:

    On your HTC, download Astro File Manager
    Make a new folder on the SD card called "Music"
    Now, plug the phone up to a computer (any OS will do)
    On the phone, make sure to hit USB Storage when prompted
    Now, find where all of your music files are located on your computer
    Drag and drop any music you want on the device to the Music folder on your phone
    Unplug the device from the computer and open up the Music app
    All of your music should be there!
    If you need any help, just email me [email removed]
  3. mahlers

    mahlers New Member

    the 'your computer' of your statement rang a bell and I figured where to find the files... I kept trying to use the Zune program file but I checked in 'my music' in my computer and VIOLA! thanks again bro... now just a bit confused on how to organize my music on the new phone... hours of making playlists here I come!
  4. jasonjackson

    jasonjackson Member

    I take back what I said. I believe you can use DoubleTwist with Zune files too. (just like iTunes, but for android) Try that

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