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  1. jason08505

    jason08505 New Member

    Can someone please help me out with some instructions on how to move my pictures from the phone to my SD card...i don't see a "move" option anywhere. I'm constantly getting messages that disk space is low.


  2. Valkerie

    Valkerie Well-Known Member

    Pictures are stored by default on the SD card. You have too many apps if your storage is low.
  3. jason08505

    jason08505 New Member

    but well when i look in my gallery...i have 155 in a folder called "Camera" and only 2 in a folder called "SD card"
  4. GRZLA

    GRZLA Well-Known Member

    Those are just folder names. For some reason you have 2 pictures on the root of your sdcard. All pictures are stored on sd. Like the person above mentioned, you have too many apps.
  5. jason08505

    jason08505 New Member

    wow really...i've only download about 5 apps - although my TouchDown app does take up alot of space. But thanks to both of you for the help...i appreciate it.
  6. JokaLo

    JokaLo Well-Known Member

    Search the market for "send to sd card"
  7. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    Your pictures should be in a folder called DCIM. there may be other sub folders besides camera that are also storing your pictures.
  8. ludeawakening

    ludeawakening Well-Known Member

    Have you saved any pictures from messages or something like that? If you ever select copy attached to sd, it will drop the attachment on the root of your card.
  9. Valkerie

    Valkerie Well-Known Member

    Mine puts the attachments in a folder called "download"
  10. JokaLo

    JokaLo Well-Known Member

    My post above***

    When you go into a picture, you click share, and it lets you specify where on your sd card it goes*

    I have 4 albums


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