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  1. I recently purchased a brand new acer icona a500 tablet from and it was working perfectly until the fourth day i decided to use the OTA update and upgrade it to honeycomb 3.2.
    The update went well but the following day, i turned on my tablet to find only the left side of the tablet was visible!!!. the right side was white, just blank white or whatever. and whats puzzling is that is exactly one half of the screen thats not showing. the digitizer is still working as i am able to touch the white half of the screen and it responds. I cant root my tablet because its 3.2 and ive been trying to downgrade it back with no luck. Im pissed becaused I did nothing wrong and this is my first acer product and Im very dissapointed. someone help me please because im getting real frustrated .I contacted acer's website and requested help yesterday and I havent gotten a response from them as friends told me to get the motorola xoom tablet and i laughed at them.. cest la vie.
    here is a pic of it [​IMG]

  2. I never seem to be able to get help here.. same with acers website. I just got a response from them simply saying "problem solved"! thats it! no f*cking kidding!! Im so angry right now. and I guess its a learning experience. Stick to the well know brands that are reputable and dont give you the runaround when they dont know s*hit!!.this is my first and last acer product ever

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